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Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct was born from a pressing desire to create, sing, and fly deep into the starlit night.  Rising from deep roots in science, the members of Academic Misconduct have turned their energies to the sonic realm, recording messages of cosmic awareness and human juxtaposition.  Grounded in knowledge and reality, Academic Misconduct wishes to push back the thorny walls of ignorance and fear while marveling at the mysterious, beautiful Universe.


Derek Thorkelson and Robbie Donald are the principal members of the band.  Derek was born in Vancouver, Canada, and Robbie was born in Port Radium, in the Canadian Arctic.  They achieved undergraduate and graduate degrees in geology and became founding faculty members of the Department of Earth Sciences at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. 


After having educated scads of undergraduate and graduate students, Robbie and Derek now wish to contribute to the world in a different way -- through the universal language of music.  They have traveled to many lands and have witnessed the plight of many people.  They financially support education in developing nations.


Derek and Robbie reside in Vancouver, Canada.  They dedicate their music to the Macrocosm and its many strange and wonderful inhabitants.  

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Rocking Higher Education

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