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 Derek Thorkelson  and  Robbie Donald 

We are renegade geology professors from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.  A few years ago, we decided to become musicians.  So we bought some instruments and microphones and put our knowledge of the Earth and Cosmos to use.  It is turning out to be a wild ride.


Our friends know Derek as an intense rocker, obsessed with the night, and Robbie as a gentle soul with a sultry voice.  We take our inspiration from artists who recorded trippy music in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  We are familiar with the writings of Huxley, Leary and Ginsberg.

We live in awe of humanity's amazing insights and accomplishments, but remain dismayed by perpetual greed, intolerance and the weaponization of religion.  The future is strained by overpopulation and environmental degradation, and yet hope remains if only we can learn to trust, respect and share, despite our many differences.

We financially support education in developing nations and celebrate exploration of the planets and stars.  We practise random acts of kindness and advocate equality among all people.  We still believe in the possibility of world peace, however distant it may seem.


The sun will rise every morning, for millions of years to come.  Wake up, hail the solar wind, and rock out.  

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Rocking Higher Education 
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We record at Stonerman Studio Vancouver, Canada

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